4th NGR Meeting in Cape Town

Alongside 3rd ESDA Consortium meeting, NGRs held 4th NGR Meeting from 15-18 October, in Cape Town. At present, all the 8 partner universities have nominated NGR coordinators supported by a team of 3-5 members at each institution. On the 15th October before the start of the Consortium meeting in Cape Town, the NGR coordinators provided a progress reports on research activities being funded by the AfDB. As part of this funding, each NGR coordinator presented draft chapters for a book project on rural-urban linkages. The conceptual framework and guidelines for the book were agreed on and the NGR members committed to publish the book by mid-next year (April/May 2018). Dr. Kudo, the newly assigned NGR Co-coordinator, provided an outline of a proposed collaborative NGR Africa-Asia research initiative focusing on the out-migration of young people, intergenerational ties, and the role of university for community development. The collaboration is starting with The University of Tokyo, Akita International University, and the QwaQwa campus of the University of the Free State in South Africa.